Open Diary: 1st November 2020 - 3 Lessons from my first week in Morocco

1st November 2020  - 3 Lessons from my first week in Morocco

Open Diary

This might be something you can relate to but I certainly don’t expect anyone to care about my inner ramblings. In fact, if you have randomly landed on this page and you feel that way; I would encourage you to leave this page immediately and use this time to do something more productive.

 I promised myself I would make a more regular habit of journaling and I thought why not make this public. I also thought a digital copy might come in handy if I ever wanted to look back on them in future.


  • Lesson 1: Trust yourself and the rest will follow

    The truth is this trip scared the hell out of me. It's easy to post a selfie by the pool when you are here but the fact of the matter was it wasn't an easy decision. Even though every bone in body was telling me it was a good idea, I still found ways to talk myself out of it. Why do we talk ourselves out of our own good ideas?


    This time was different. I made a promise to myself that I would start building trust in myself. It is one thing thinking it and a whole other thing doing it. That is what this whole trip to Morocco is about for me…. The crazy thing is, it's working….. I am already trusting new ideas!

    Royal Air Maroc

    I was a little skeptical when I saw my plane

    feeling nervous before take off 

    Capturing that nervous feeling before take off


  • Lesson 2: The world is full of good people, if you can’t see them it's because you're not looking.

    London is a city for a lot of things, but I wouldn’t say we are brilliant at friendly comradery with our fellow city dwellers. The city can feel quite cold and judgmental at times. In fact I have realised it has made me suspicious of people. I picked up on this one evening when the locals invited me out surfing with them. I accepted but was nervous about the whole situation. I jumped in the back of a minivan with 3 guys who between them barely spoke a sentence of English. The whole journey filled me with anxiety. It wasn’t until we got to the beach that I actually let my guard down. I can’t imagine what kind of weird energy I was giving off to these 3 gentleman. Now don’t get me wrong it is good to have your wits about you but this judgement was unmeasured. It turned out to be an amazing experience. We surfed Taghazout beach, whilst the sun slowly descended into the Atlantic ocean. There wasn't a cloud in sight but the sky was filled with migratory birds swooping past the oceans horizon line… it was a like a scene out of the lion king.

    my surf guide, Khalid

    The day after sunset surfing with my surf guide Khalid.


  • Lesson 3: I don’t feel lonely!

    One of my biggest fears of taking this trip was feeling lonely or disconnected. I do miss the people that matter but I have also realised that they are never that far away. The miracles of modern technology ay! I am fortunate to live close to a lot of really good friends in London but I think I take this for granted. I am going to make a conscious effort to pick up the phone a bit more often in future. 


    Anchor Point Surf Spot

    Anchor Point, watching the locals surf 14ft waves. 

    African sunsets are the best

    African sunsets are something else

    breakfast is served

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