Can mental health issues be cured? The most Googled mental health questions, answered.

Have you ever woke up feeling slightly unusual and turned to Dr. Google. After 10 minutes of Googling it turns out your mild headache could be 10 fatal exotic diseases...

1 in 3 of us now turn to Dr. Google to self diagnose. Research suggest we only receive a correct diagnosis 34% of the time. This leads to unnecessary doctor visits, wasted time and money. 

The process of internet self diagnosis can also lead to 'hypochondriasis' and 'cyberchondria'... which are fancy ways of saying self diagnosis through Dr. Google leads to an increase in anxiety.  

In the age of disinformation it is more crucial than ever that you seek out a qualified opinion specific to your situation and symptoms. 


Is there a Doctor in the house???

Going to the doctors can be a daunting prospect. So I am bringing the Doctor to you. Armed with the most googled questions about mental health, L;fe has teamed up with Dr Kiran Sodha. 


This is the first in a series we are calling L;fe's Questions

I hope you like it. Do you have a question which you would like answering, reach out to me on email, instagram or Tik Tok. 


(Transcript) "Yes, absolutely I do think mental health issues can be cured. I think that because we've got to understand why you're going through a mental health issue and if you're dealing with the underlying issues then obviously mental health can be dealt with. If we're just looking at it from a very superficial prospective and just dealing with the symptoms around the mental health whether that's the low mood or feeling anxious or feeling withdrawn then we're not necessarily going to cure it, we may palliate it and manage the symptoms a little bit but sometimes its really about looking at the underlying reasons and trying to deal with it so it can take some time but absolutely mental health can be cured".




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