The Story Behind L;FE

"In 2015, out of the blue, my best friend James took his own life. It turned my world upside and made me question everything I understood about what seemed to be a strong and knowing friendship between us since early childhood.

Throughout the grieving process, I continued to avoid my feelings, which after a year still left me feeling numb and continually depressed, the recurring question always being, could I have done something to let James better express his feeling and open up to me?

I still find it difficult to open up and talk about the loss of James, partly due to my avoidance of the "recurring question" - it hurts when I go there, and also due to the real social stigma and awkwardness we all feel when trying to talk to each other about these things.

Whilst writing in my journal one night I had an Idea...

L;FE is an approach to see if there is a way in which we can raise awareness of mental health and lift the social stigma surrounding it to enable us all to more openly express our feelings to each other. We hope to create beautiful items which people will want to wear, which in-turn helps us discuss mental health. We invest 10% of our profits back into mental health. 

We hope you will support the cause, raise awareness and remove the social stigma once and for all. I hope that one day I can truly move forward remembering & openly talking about James not for what happened, but for the best friend that he was, and the happiness we shared."


L;FE Founder