The message behind our Logo (L;FE - pronounced 'Life' but with a semi colon)

Losing my best friend to suicide and subsequently falling into depression and suicidal thoughts myself gave me a lot of time to ponder what I wanted my life to be about.

Attached to my depression was anxiety which trapped me in a negative cycle. Whilst anxiety on the one hand made me overthink every situation it also enabled me to think deeply about problems (sometimes wayyyyy to much). In a strange way I actually owe the combination of depression and anxiety a lot of gratitude for creating L;FE. (Thank you!)


We've built L:FE to reflect our passion and values: Appreciation of things well made, beauty in imperfection and a belief that companies should make the world a better place. 


The message behind the L;FE Logo

- There is nothing more precious in life. 

- Life isn't perfect and that is okay. We should celebrate the ups and downs. Enjoy each moment, for what that moment is.

- A semi colon is used by authors when they could have finished a sentence, but chose not to. A moment of darkness in your life which you chose not to end. A symbol of solidarity. A testament of your strength. A personal sign of my appreciation towards the semi colon project.

- There are two letters after the semi colon in our logo. The positioning is important and reminds us that there is more to life after mental illness. We are optimistic about the future. 



L;FE Founder

(and a terrible blogger, forgive me!)