Dying Matters Week

11th – 17th May 2020

Dying and grief are tough topics that many people don’t know how to handle. Whether it is our own mortality or death of someone close, we often struggle to confront the topic of mortality.

However, an open conversation on this topic can help you feel more comfortable with the inevitability of death. Expressing your fears and worries about mortality in a safe environment can help you receive support and feel better.

Experiencing grief after a loved one or a family member is normal. Bereavement that surrounds the loss of a loved one comes as a natural response to losing your spouse.  You may believe that you are the only person going through such a painful experience. However, suffering is a common human experience – grief different people feel when they lose a loved one is the same grief. Talking about your experience can help you process your feelings and come to terms with the loss.